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Front cover of When Darkness Loves Us

When Darkness Loves Us

Two chilling tales.

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Foreword by Theodore Sturgeon. This book includes two short novels. When Darkness Loves Us shows the inner strength and moral deterioration of a sixteen-year-old girl trapped alone in the underground darkness shortly after her wedding day. Beauty Is... follows the tragic life of Martha Mannes, a woman born without a nose, and the beauty and horror of the small town life that surrounds her as her mind works its way out of the trauma that has buried it for most of her life.

Critics have said:

“Finding the light when swamped in darkness is never an easy thing. When Darkness Loves Us is a collection of two novellas from Elizabeth Engstrom. One story follows a young farm girl as she is engulfed by an underworld and yearns to escape, and an old woman who is facing the monsters of her past. Two engaging stories make When Darkness Loves Us quite a pick.”
Midwest Book Review
"Fresh, inventive, stylish and captivating, the work of a writer of unusual promise."
—Dean Koontz
"A moving story of redemption and love."
West Coast Review of Books
"A masterpiece, and one of the finest tragedies I've read in years."
Horror Show
"Behind that soft-voiced style is power, is surprise, is... ferocity."
—Theodore Sturgeon